friday night | mushroom, spinach, avocado salad

Made this one on the fly tonight after a run and it seriously was so good I thought I should share it asap. Finally the heat has drifted out of the area I live in so it was nice to actually exercise outside and not feel like my internal organs might shut down at any minute.


How long will it take in total? 15 minutes

What’s needed? 

* a handful or two of fresh spinach

* quarter red onion 

* a few crimini mushrooms

* a 1/4 or half an avocado

* feta cheese (goat cheese would be fantastic too)

* olive oil & balsamic vinegar

* sea salt & cracked pepper


Add the spinach, chopped fresh red onion and avocado to your bowl.

Simply wash the mushrooms and cut off the stem, then cut them in half. Throw them in a pan of some sort.

Turn the heat on High, then add about a tablespoon of the oil to the pan and mushrooms. Feel free to be generous, as the excess oil is going to be part of the ‘dressing’.

Let the mushrooms get a little soft//browned. Right away, transfer the shrooms to the spinach mixture and remember to add the oil! The slight warmth from the mushrooms and olive oil adds a nice little touch. Then sprinkle some feta on top of the salad, add balsamic, sea salt & pepper as you wish. Then enjoy! It’s a super simple salad, but the cooked mushrooms add a good amount of flavor.


Bon Appétit!


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