Healthy, Energizing Cinnamon Oats



What You’ll Need:

* oatmealany real oatmeal without added spices//sugar//dried fruit will do (Bobs’ Red Mill Organic Steel Cut for those of you who care the difference)

* cinnamon

* 1/2 banana

* chia seeds ( why add these? )


1. boil 1.5 cups of water on the stove (keep the lid on and add a pinch of salt – it helps the water boil faster and often helps things that will be in the water from sticking together)

2. add .5 cups of oats once water is boiling — then turn it to medium or medium-low

water & the oats

(you have about 6 – 8 mins to do this other stuff below so let it cook. But feel free to stir occasionally with a wooden spoon so it doesn’t stick to the bottom)

3. cut up the banana and throw it in the bottom of your bowl

4. throw some cinnamon on that bitch

5. sprinkle about a teaspoon of chia seeds on it



(take the lid off the oats if it looks super watery still and let the excess water evaporate while still cooking)

6. once the oats are cooked, slowly pour them on your banana//cinnamon//chia pile


7. let it sit a bit and make the banana nice and soft. ** You don’t even need to add brown sugar, because the natural sugar in the banana takes care of that. The sugar is brought out of the fruit when you let it sit under the oatmeal and heat up.

8. then stir it & eat up!

Bon appetit! 



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