#PhoMe (vegan, plant based pho)


end product, with garnish & diff dish

w/out garnish

w/out garnish

Yello – Usually what I make doesn’t include meat unless completely and absolutely necessary. Typically pho is made with beef. I am not going to refute the fact that beef adds a lot of flavor to pho. However, with this vegan/plant-based pho recipe there is more than enough flavor due to the broth prep.

What you’ll need: 


salt & pepper

fresh cilantro

fresh green onions

1 red or yellow onion

bulb of garlic

4-5 small organic potatoes

2 cups chopped carrots

one bunch of bok-choy

udon or chow mien noodles (medium to large package)

Add all of the below to make the broth (cook for 45-60 mins)

* Boil 8 cups of filtered water to a tall soup pot (preferably, but more or less is okay depending on how much you want to make)

* 1 tsp (or 10 shakes) of salt

* 2 cups chopped carrots (rinse and skin or peel however you’d like, then chop into pieces that are roughly 1 inch tall & wide)

* 2+ cups red or yellow onion (chopped roughly)

* 5-8 cloves of garlic (peeled of course)

* 1″ cubed red organic potatoes

* a large bunch of cilantro (NOT chopped. Leave some raw for garnish)

* 4 stems green onion (rinsed & chopped in .5′ pieces)

* charred ginger (you can do this while the below ingredients are added).

* To char ginger take a normal pan, add enough olive or vegetable oil to cover the surface of the pan and add PEELED ginger that is about 3″ long. Don’t worry about too much or too little in width. Once it’s brown or black… don’t burn it, but dark brown is good enough.

In the meantime prepare these raw toppings:

* bok choy in pieces about 2-3″ long, (rinsed)

* shitake mushrooms (sliced)

* fresh jalapeños (thinly)

* more green onion/chives (.5″ pieces)

* lime sliced in quarters

* After 45 mins of the broth cooking, add a 2 second long drizzle of honey and either soy sauce and/or red wine vinegar/apple cider vinegar. Honestly… anything with vinegar is good.

After an hour or so of the broth cooking, add udon or chow mein noodles, as well as the mushrooms and bok choy

(about 20 minutes before planned serving)

Once noodles are cooked to preference (not too soft and not too chewy– check after 10-15 minutes) add the raw green onions, jalapeños, & cilantro, and you are ready to serve!! Enjoy. 🙂

(without garnish)

(without garnish)


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