BNB (bibimbap-not-bibimbap) Hash

Many adults these days live on their own or with a roommate or two which can be great except for a few reasons. One reason is because even if you want to make a good meal at home, it’s “hard to cook for just one” and not waste food or get bored of eating the same leftovers for the rest of the week.

I’m a big fan of trying to stretch the ingredients I have. This is probably the only part of my life where I try to get really creative. I think about the type of ingredients I have in my kitchen and try to make something great without needing to buy more than 1 or 2 other ingredients.


Today I wanted to make something with eggs in it so I decided on a frittata. I had eggs,  a zucchini, some jack cheese, a few heirloom (purple) potatoes, and red onion. So I began shredding the zuch, potato, and cheese. Then, since I am a millennial and I lose focus fast (sarcasm?), I looked at the shredded fresh zucchini and thought, “I don’t want to put ALL of that in a frittata, do I? Also, a fried egg on top of that shredded zuch would be fabulous.” I also knew from past experience if I made a frittata I would most likely get bored of it in a day or two and not end up eating it all. Thus, avoiding that potential future guilt, I split my ingredients in two and still made frittata muffins for the week, and used the other half to make a hash (sans cheese) with two fried eggs on top. Literally just added salt and pepper and that was it– and it was so good.

For the frittata I used this gal’s recipe and then added the potatoes to make it more filling.


For the other dish I made up, which I’ll call the bibimbap-not-bibimpbap hash, I simply:

  1. shredded half a zuch
  2. shredded half a medium-sized purple potato
  3. chopped half a hand-full of red onion

At this point I put a little bit of fresh butter (from Central Valley Farm that I got from the farmer’s market) in a pan and heated it up for a few seconds.

First I put in just the onion and potato, added a dash of water and covered it to steam a bit (3-4 mins). Then I stirred the zuch into the mixture let it cook for a few minutes. After I could tell it was pretty much cooked through but not soggy or soft, I shaped it all into a little tartare shape and kept it cooking on low heat.

In a separate pan I put a little bit of butter (instead of olive oil) and cracked the two eggs, added a splash of water and covered (to help the top cook faster). After a few minutes the bottom was cooked so I could easily flip the eggs and cook the top remaining egg whites without cooking the yolk.

And done! I carefully shoveled the tar-tar looking mixture onto a plate and the eggs on top. Voila!

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 1.52.52 PM.png

By the time I was done eating, the frittata was done and now I have another meal/snack to look forward to. Hope this was helpful!



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